Helsana is the largest health insurance provider in Switzerland with 1.9 million customers and a turnover of 6.4 billion Swiss Francs. The BI team’s reliance on hand coding meant that scheduled releases took too long. Now, Data Automation allows them to use their existing infrastructure in an agile manner that vastly speeds up time to value and reduces expenditure on external resources.

The Challenge:

Manual Data Warehouse Development

Reliance on hand coding, manual handoffs and tribal knowledge meant that Helsana’s BI team could not deploy new data solutions and updates at the pace of modern business. The company’s data ecosystem needed modernizing to shorten development cycles and make the company more Agile.

Outdated tools and methodologies required Helsana to pay huge costs for up to 15 external resources at once just to keep up with scheduled releases. At that time, such complex releases took 30-40 person days to complete.


The Solution:

WhereScape Data Automation

To address this challenge, Helsana was looking for a tool that could:

  • Automate a lot of the deployment work
  • Help the team to organize code and deliverables better
  • Move development work in-house
  • Reduce ETL expenditure
  • Reduce the number of tools used

The Results:

20x The Delivery from IT Teams

Helsana has seen game-changing reductions in time to value for scheduled updates. Processes that once took 30-40 man days now take one or two, meaning work is completed much faster and big teams of external resources are no longer needed.

Much quicker turnaround times from business request to IT delivery mean the BI team can now use Agile methodologies to add value to the business rather than just keeping up with it.


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With the last project we had 10-15 external resources, and now with automation we have 90% of the project staffed internally, with some help from [WhereScape partner] IT-Logix for staff augmentation. The idea is that our internal people can really become the masters and drive the whole process. That wasn’t possible before WhereScape. How much money do we save? It’s in the millions.

– Gallus Messmer, Data Warehouse Architect at Helsana