A Leading Automotive Company

Competition in the truck industry is tough, margins are extremely slim and profit is primarily driven through add-on sales. The challenge is how to create compelling offers that are significantly better than the competition. This leading truck manufacturer, operating in more than 150 markets, takes advantage of WhereScape automation to help it compete.

The challenge

Sensor technology is helping this leading automotive company compete more effectively by understanding vehicle activity so it can create unique, tailored and profitable offers for warranties, financing, insurance and service packages. When sensor data is combined with operational data such as service history, the manufacturer can build a very detailed profile of the truck and develop offers with a high chance of being profitable.

However, sensors create data sets that are large and complex making it difficult to process them using traditional data processing. The manufacturer needed a faster, more agile approach to capturing, processing and analyzing sensor data and then integrating it with operational and other data types including weather, traffic and strike information.

The solution

The company chose WhereScape® automation to help it move from a series of independent data marts to a fully integrated enterprise data warehouse on IBM Netezza. The new, centralized data infrastructure gives the manufacturer a 360-degree, cross-functional view of its data, and the foundation for managing big data.

The results

  • Developed an enterprise data warehouse 10 times faster than using traditional methods
  • Easily and quickly integrates big data to maximize value to the business
  • Delivers business intelligence solutions faster, with greater consistency and integrity


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A Leading Automotive Company

WhereScape is enabling us to get value from the sensor data and shorten times to market; we are able to deliver our BI solutions faster than ever before.

– A Leading Automotive Company