Legal & General

Legal & General is a financial services company headquartered in London, England. Its products and services include investment management lifetime mortgages, pensions and life assurance. Its revenue in 2019 was over £66m.

The Challenge:

Disparate Data Systems

L&G’s various data management and architecture departments made up a fragmented technical landscape using outdated tools and methodologies. This resulted in little reliability, traceability or re-usability of the data architecture.

The demand for data had increased, with the stages of requirement analysis, business buy-in, design and development taking too long. L&G’s infrastructure was not able to support this and a backlog was growing, so the company had to pay for external resources to manage the overflow.


The Solution:

Automated Data Modeling

L&G wanted to reduce the time and money they were expending on multiple SAS ETL licenses and enable historical analysis across all divisions. The company also needed to reduce the time to value for delivery of new requirements to the business and to reduce their backlog without relying on external resources, and to grant teams the flexibility to work on the databases that suit them.


The Results:

Agile Data Modeling

Today data engineers use WhereScape 3D to scope and prototype models for approval by the business instead of spending days or weeks building frameworks as they did before. Then WhereScape RED enables them to load and schedule tables much faster. The savings in time and effort mean that data teams are more productive and can take more work on from the business, allowing the company to hit long-term targets faster.


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Legal & General

It’s like having five people with only really two people working on it.

– Will Mealing, Head of Data & Analytics at L&G