How Renold built a agile Data Warehouse for its Business Intelligence

The challenge

Renold plc is a global manufacturer of market-leading, high-precision engineered and power transmission products. Its products are used in diverse applications from cement making to chocolate manufacturing, subway trains to power stations, escalators to quarries—anywhere something needs to be lifted, moved, rotated or conveyed. With operations in 23 countries, Renold was using more than a dozen enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Because no single view of the business existed across all the ERP systems, employees were forced to use spreadsheets to consolidate and analyze data from various sources.

The solution

The manufacturer chose WhereScape automation software to help it quickly deliver an agile, source-agnostic data warehouse to provide integrated data on a single platform for fast, easy reporting. The new data warehouse combines and manages all business data across ERP systems and locations. On the first day of using WhereScape automation, Renold had clean, consistent sales intelligence for the first time.

The results

  • A sales and order report now takes 30 seconds to deliver accurate results compared to an hour previously with inconsistent figures
  • Month-end reporting was reduced from 4 days to 3 hours
  • Time to download, enhance and reconcile data was reduced from 3.5 days to 30 seconds


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How Renold built a agile Data Warehouse for its Business Intelligence

I thought it must be marketing spiel, it couldn’t be that easy. Then, on day one of the proof of concept, my jaw literally hit the floor. We had sales intelligence for the first time since I joined Renold. I just couldn’t believe something like WhereScape existed. We had customer knowledge that we simply had not had before.

– Andrew Guy, Business Intelligence Consultant, Renold plc