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Snowflake Automation

Reap the benefits of Snowflake faster with automation and get on the fast track with WhereScape's automated design, development, deployment and operation for the Data Cloud.

Data Automation

From design through operation, shorten the development lifecycle and automate 95% of the coding effort.

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Boost productivity

Eliminate repetitive and time-intensive tasks to improve developer productivity fivefold.

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Improve collaboration

Iterate and solidify new analytics solutions early on with business users using rapid prototyping.

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Combining WhereScape’s data warehouse automation tools with Snowflake's zero administration service is perfect for enabling our customers to be successful with agile data warehousing. WhereScape automation for Snowflake makes it possible for organizations to start using Snowflake faster and more easily by simplifying and automating the design, build and population of data warehouse tables.

– Kent Graziano, Snowflake Chief Technical Evangelist


WhereScape is a perfect fit for organizations where:

  • Time to market is critical 
  • Migration complexity, cost, or time factors are prevalent
  • Data Vault is being considered, or has been selected

WhereScape Enables IT teams to quickly test and verify reporting requests. It is the fastest, easiest way to deliver data infrastructure to the data cloud and ensure Snowflake success.


Key Features Include:

Snowflake Technology Partner

Snowflake Automation

WhereScape automation for Snowflake speeds up your ability to start using Snowflake for new and ongoing cloud data infrastructure projects.

  • Automates workflows based on native Snowflake functions, wizards and best practices.
  • Includes built-in best practices for common database methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0.
  • Supports continuous integration and delivery to easily incorporate changes as business demands evolve.
  • Automates the migration of your existing data and data infrastructure.

Data Infrastructure Automation

By automating the repetitive and time-intensive design and development of data infrastructure and big data projects, WhereScape automation enables teams to get more done quickly and rely on its results.

  • Generates SQL code for Snowflake automatically.
  • Ensures coding consistency and minimizes implementation risk.
  • Creates technical and business-level documentation automatically, removing the burden from developers and providing auditability for future reference.

Enterprise Collaboration

WhereScape automation for Snowflake helps IT teams collaborate more effectively with business users early on in a project to deliver impactful solutions faster.

  • Supports iterative design and development to easily solve for differences between business need and technical capability.
  • Enables rapid prototyping to quickly incorporate collaborative feedback.
  • Reduces project risk and improves time to value.

We’re leveraging WhereScape’s ability to ease our design and implementation effort as we develop our fully-integrated warehouse on Snowflake. WhereScape will save us thousands of engineering hours, promote implementation accuracy, and accelerate our time to delivery.

– Peter Nilsson, Chief Technology Officer, Aptus Health