Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift can analyze huge volumes of data
at near-limitless scale, but leveraging its immense
processing power requires equally large considerations
for loading data into the platform consistently.

Data Migration to Redshift ETL Automation

Your data is growing in volume and complexity faster than ever, and you’re ready to make the move to Redshift, where you’ll be able to scale beyond your wildest expectations. But this is no small undertaking. WhereScape automates the development of end-to-end data pipelines in Amazon Redshift with built-in best practices.

WhereScape Data Automation for Amazon Redshift

95 %

Time Savings

on hand-coding development, refactoring and management tasks.


Developer Productivity

in implementing and managing infrastructure through automation.


Return on Investment

by avoiding failures, filling skill gaps and adding built-in best practices.

Automate Your Data Integration with

Redshift ETL Automation

Redshift can handle volumes of data unlike any other, but it needs that data—fast. Make your continuous data integration error free with the help of WhereScape Automation. It removes friction so you can turn raw data into insights you can leverage faster than ever before.

Fully Leverage the Capabilities of

Redshift Architecture

Cloud scalability is an exciting prospect, but to take advantage of this limitless size you need to make a lot of small choices—which means a lot opportunities for inefficient organizational decisions and human errors. WhereScape’s wizards and automatic code generation tools reduce risks and the costs that mistakes can incur.

Modernize Your Approach to
Data Projects with WhereScape

WhereScape makes owning your data easy. See what you can achieve with WhereScape today.