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Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Process Automation

Wherescape RED

Delivers Azure Synapse
Projects Fast

WhereScape automates workflows based on native Azure Synapse services and reference architecture.

Wherescape 3D

Increase Developer Productivity

Template-generated Azure Data Factory pipelines, Python and Powershell integration code using native Azure APIs.

Wherescape Data Vault Express

Accelerate Azure Adoption

Helps IT teams collaborate more effectively with business users early on in a project to deliver impactful solutions faster.

Azure Synapse Analytics Process Automation

Azure Synapse Architecture

  • Built-in design patterns for common modeling methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0.
  • Configurable templates to align Azure deployments with your chosen architecture standards and coding patterns
  • Migrates existing data models by reverse engineering, converting and redeploying using native Azure templates.
  • Sustainable Architecture allows your Azure implementation to evolve with the underlying platform via templated bulk code upgrades

Azure ETL

  • Generates SQL-based ELT code, pushdown optimized for:
    • Synapse SQL pool
    • Azure HDInsight
    • Azure SQL DB
    • Azure SQL Managed Instance
    • Azure PostgreSQL
    • Azure MySQL
    • Snowflake, Exasol, Teradata and other supported platforms
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS) and Blob Store integration
  • Azure DevOps (ADO) pipeline integration for deployments
  • Applies global coding standards, ensuring coding consistency, minimizing implementation risk.

Azure DevOps

  • Supports iterative design and development to easily solve for differences between business needs and technical capability.
  • Enables rapid prototyping to quickly incorporate collaborative feedback.
  • Supports continuous integration and delivery to easily incorporate changes as business demands evolve.
  • Reduces project risk and improves time to value.
  • Automates documentation @ technical and business-level, removing the burden from developers and providing auditability for future reference.

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