Databricks Automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and reduce risk by unifying, simplifying, and streamling the management and security of your Databricks Workspace with WhereScape


Automate Your Infrastructure with

Data Lakehouse Automation

WhereScape now offers automation and augmentation throughout the Databricks machine learning lifecycle. The broader augmented analytics offering not only automates machine learning model building, but also extends to automated data preparation and model deployment.

Snowflake Automation


Exploring the Synergy of WhereScape and Databricks

“Optimizing Data Management: Exploring the Synergy of WhereScape and Databricks Integration” hosted by WhereScape Data Automation, a global leader in data infrastructure automation. This enlightening event explores the potent combination of WhereScape’s automation capabilities with the power of Databricks’ unified analytics platform to drive efficient, effective data management. Register for this session on August 30, 2023! 

Fully configured data environments on-demand
On-Demand Data Environments via

Data Infrastructure Automation

WhereScape automates the deployment of data pipelines to Databricks clusters, making it easier to move from development to production environments. It handles the orchestration of data workflows, scaling capabilities, and monitoring, simplifying the deployment and management of data processing tasks.

Fully configured data environments on-demand
Snowflake Automation
Build Scalable Data Pipelines with

Data Lakehouse Automation

WhereScape enables the automation of end-to-end data pipeline development in Databricks. It allows you to design, generate, and deploy data pipelines quickly and efficiently, reducing manual effort and human errors. This automation covers tasks such as data ingestion, transformation, and loading into Databricks clusters.

WhereScape also facilitates metadata management by automatically capturing and documenting metadata information from various sources, including Databricks. It helps track data lineage, data definitions, dependencies, and other relevant information, ensuring better data governance and understanding of the data pipeline.

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Seamless Integrations Across Dozens of Data Sources and Platforms

Easy build no-code automated workflows with access virtually every data modeling architecture and methodology across dozens of data sources and platforms to meet the unique needs of your business.