Snowflake Automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and reduce risk by unifying, simplifying, and streamlining the management and security of Snowflake Workspace with WhereScape

Snowflake Automation

Increase Productivity in Building

Snowflake Infrastructure

Shorten the development lifecycle by automating the repetitive and time-intensive design and development of data infrastructure and big data projects, WhereScape automation enables teams to get more done quickly and rely on its results.

  • Generates Snow SQL code to help automate snowflake code for you automatically.
  • Ensures coding consistency and minimizes implementation risk.
  • Creates technical and business-level documentation automatically, removing the burden from developers and providing auditability for future reference.

Shorten the development lifecycle

Snowflake Implementation

WhereScape Automation for Snowflake speeds up your ability to start using Snowflake for new and ongoing cloud data infrastructure projects.

  • Planning, design and rapid prototyping tools within WhereScape help data analytics teams close the gap between business need and technical
    capability early within a project, reducing risk and positively
    impacting time to value.
  • Efficient data transfers using advanced optimization functionality, including: optimization across networks, heuristic algorithms for parallel transfers, restart functionality and a built-in scheduler
  • Auto-combined metadata with Snowflake wizards and best practices to generate native Snowflake DDL, DML, tables, views, file formats and more.
Boost developer productivity
Automate the Development of Your

Snowflake Data Warehouse

By automating the repetitive, time-intensive parts of designing and developing data warehouse models, load processes and transformation code, WhereScape can increase your developer productivity fivefold.

It also supports the continuous integration and delivery of Snowflake-based data infrastructure projects so developers can rapidly and easily incorporate and deploy changes as business demands evolve.

WhereScape Supported Platforms

Seamless Integrations Across Dozens of Data Sources and Platforms

Easy build no-code automated workflows with access virtually every data modeling architecture and methodology across dozens of data sources and platforms to meet the unique needs of your business.