Microsoft Fabric

Interweave the power of Microsoft Fabric with
the automation of WhereScape

WhereScape streamlines the migration process to Microsoft Fabric, providing an easy path when moving on from legacy systems orother data platforms.

Mesh Architecture:
WhereScape complements Microsoft Fabric’s decentralized mesh fabric architecture, streamlining data product development and maintenance.

Transformation and Modeling:
Use the WhereScape environment to model data within Microsoft Fabric, automating the process of making changes and moving data.

Data Lineage and Documentation:
WhereScape produces a clear view of how data flows through Microsoft Fabric, ensuring compliance and facilitating audit requirements.

Low-Code Interface:
WhereScape’s interface integrates with Microsoft Fabric, simplifying the management of workflows and reducing the need for extensive coding.

Expanding Beyond OneLake:
WhereScape harnesses the strengths of Microsoft Fabric while allowing for data integration across multiple platforms.

Data Vault Support:
WhereScape supplies extensive support for Data Vault users, creating and executing models on top of OneLake or Synapse systems.

Azure Data Factory:
WhereScape offers ADF pipelines, providing load templates and the ability to connect to cloud based sources without the need for API- based connections.

A Synergistic Combination

WhereScape and Microsoft Fabric work in tandem to create an optimized approach to data management.
Microsoft Fabric utilizes a decentralised mesh fabric architecture, which enables teams to perform cross-domain data analysis, ingest operational data and build analytical data models. The advanced data mesh platform provides additional domain-agnostic data product capabilities for creating, monitoring, discovering, and accessing data products.

This is where WhereScape comes into play…

WhereScape allows teams to accelerate development and streamlines the maintenance of these data products. WhereScape significantly enhances the data solutions built on Microsoft Fabric by automating many aspects of data management. WhereScape simplifies migration, improves data integration, and enhances Microsoft Fabric’s analytics capabilities. WhereScape’s integration with Microsoft Fabric enables users to efficiently manage, process, and utilize their data assets.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Fabric’s data mesh architecture with the automation tools of WhereScape creates a powerful, streamlined workflow where 1+1=3. This increases time to value for those customers looking to incorporate Microsoft Data Fabric into their data management environment.

Key Features Include:


Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one SaaS analytics platform, allowing organizations to combine data from several sources
into a single environment.


  • Simplify data integration from nearly any source into a single, multi-cloud data lake powered
    by Azure.
  • Work from the same copy of data across analytics engines and languages. Use shortcuts to avoid having to migrate between services.
  • Easily drag-and-drop data from one source to another, providing a simplified user experience unlike any other.


Microsoft Fabric provides all the tools teams need in a Lake-centric experience, lowering the effort of data integration, governance, and security.


  • Modeled after Microsoft OneDrive, but instead of a single source for file sharing, acts as a single source for data sharing.
  • Unifies all 7 data experiences: Data Factory, Data
    Engineering, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Real-time Analytics, Power BI, Data Activator.
  • Works seamlessly across Microsoft 365 apps, including Teams, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Infused with AI

Microsoft Fabric utilizes Microsoft’s latest Artificial Intelligence, Copilot, at every layer, empowering users to work smarter and faster.


  • Use conversational language to write SQL statements, develop data flows, and even build machine learning models.
  • Create custom generative AI experiences in Azure AI Studio with curated data from Microsoft Fabric.
  • Simply ask a question or describe what you need, from summaries to reports to
    calculations. Copilot takes it from there.

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