Wherescape STAR July 2022

WhereScape STAR is a feature-rich, affordable platform that accelerates the design, development, deployment, and operation of SQL Server data warehouses, data marts, or other structures for reporting and analytics.

Built upon 20 years of technological advancements, WhereScape STAR is designed for organizations that depend upon data-driven decisions and have invested in the powerful database and reporting technologies available from Microsoft. Regardless of whether they utilize on-premise SQL Server or cloud-based Azure, data automation from WhereScape accelerates the delivery of information and streamlines IT services.

Code generation and automation are the fastest way to get the information you need to answer business questions, and we don’t believe that a lack of skills, resources, or budget should prevent anyone from accelerating the journey from data to knowledge. WhereScape STAR supports:

  • IT Managers that need better, more regulated, control of data infrastructure.
  • Data Analysts tasked with creating spreadsheets and dashboards but with limited IT support.
  • Business Leaders that can’t afford to make decisions on data that is days, weeks, or even months old.

Data Automation Approach and Key Features

WhereScape STAR handles ALL the technicalities associated with extracting, loading, and transforming your data into meaningful insights.

WhereScape STAR is a data automation solution designed specifically for organizations that leverage Microsoft SQL Server / Azure SQL Server databases. It generates all the SSIS and SQL Stored Procedure ETL code required to load source data into SQL Server - whether using a star schema or your own modeling style - so instead of spending time writing complex business logic, you can focus on transforming and formatting information while leaving generation (and deployment) up-to us!

It also automatically generates documentation, which is incredibly powerful both from a compliance perspective but also because it allows your report writers and users to see the definitions and full lineage of all the data available in SQL Server and choose whether to query it using PowerBI and other tools or have WhereScape generate SSIS code to export data to CSV files.

The ability to regenerate code to reflect changes in data structures/business logic with multi-user check-in/check-out, version control, and automated deployments, no matter how large your team, WhereScape enables delivery to production fast and often.

“The HAPO data warehouse project has involved many design and implementation hurdles that would have killed progress if we didn’t have WhereScape tools on our team"

– Eric Tengs, Senior Analytics Consultant

Delivers Azure Synapse Projects fast

WhereScape automates workflows based on native Azure Synapse services and reference architecture.

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Increase Developer Productivity

Template-generated Azure Data Factory pipelines, Python and Powershell integration code using native Azure APIs.

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Accelerate Azure Adoption

Helps IT teams collaborate more effectively with business users early on in a project to deliver impactful solutions faster.

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