Data Warehouse Automation

Revolutionize your data warehouse workflow with
WhereScape’s automation. You will accelerate insights
and simplify data management like never before.

Deliver Scalable Data Infrastructure with WhereScape

WhereScape is the data automation platform trusted by thousands of customers to efficiently deliver reliable data. With WhereScape, organizations protect their data warehouse investments by reducing time-to-value to days or weeks—not months or years.

Deliver Data Warehouses, Faster

Data Warehouse Automation delivers up to 100x more code than manual development. This speeds up delivery, minimizes errors, and applies platform-specific best practices for a more robust data infrastructure.


WhereScape’s built-in coding expertise ensures a standardized workflow, addressing knowledge gaps due to new data sources or talent turnover in your IT team.

Ensure High Data Quality Analytics and Reporting

Data warehouse automation optimizes the entire data pipeline for consistent and trusted reports and analytics, maximizing your data value.

Experts on Data Warehouse Automation

See what industry analysts and consultants are saying about the impact of data warehouse automation on data infrastructure projects.


Transforming Higher Education Analytics

Data experts from Cornell University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Bates College share their experiences with WhereScape Automation.


Overcome Issues with Data Fabric or Mesh

Gartner is one of the world’s leading research and advisory companies, providing insights, advice, and tools to business leaders across industries.


Data Warehouse Automation Readiness Guide

Review the primer and readiness guide to better understand data warehouse automation – what it offers and characteristics necessary to leverage it. 

Case study

Delta Community Credit Union Experiences 300% ROI

Delta Community Credit Union is one of the top five largest credit unions in the United States with more than 360,000 members and $5 billion in assets.


Data Automation is No Longer a Choice

Learn how to create a 100% documented solution with WhereScape to meet your needs in a way that is both easily maintained and expanded.


Automation to Deliver a Unified Data Strategy

Simon Asplen-Taylor shares the benefits of utilizing Data Automation software and how different features affect various parts of a CDO’s strategies. 

Safeguard Your Data Investment

Delivering data vault projects has never been easier—or safer.

Discover what you can achieve with WhereScape Data Vault Express today.