Empowering Customer Success: WhereScape’s Comprehensive Support and Training Resources

| June 14, 2024
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Enhancing Operational Success with WhereScape’s Support Systems

At WhereScape, we understand that a data warehouse is only useful to the extent that it is understood. In order to drive your organization closer to your key goals and objectives, you need full mastery of WhereScape products and capabilities. It’s not enough for a data automation solution to simply exist; we must also empower our users to leverage all data management resources to the fullest. 

That’s why WhereScape has built out an extensive library of resources and training materials, including a customer support portal and a University full of targeted training and hands-on courses. In this article, learn how to make the most of your investment through WhereScape’s robust support systems. 

Navigating the Customer Support Portal

One of WhereScape’s key customer success resources is the Customer Support Portal. This 24/7 support portal allows users with a current maintenance contract to download upgrades, access plan information, search the solutions database, and submit or track technical support cases. 

To navigate the portal, users simply need to enter the email address and username they received from WhereScape Technical Support. If you have a current contract but have not received your login, you can register for Technical Support with an easy form. From there, navigate the user-friendly portal by selecting the tasks you need support with and tracking your open support cases. 

Realizing the Benefits of Continuous Support

WhereScape provides 24/7 data warehouse support through the portal because we understand the importance of continuous support for operational success. Getting stuck on a technical issue or lost in the confusion of a new tool can take a devastating toll on productivity, leading to unscheduled downtime and a blow to morale. Eliminate the frustration of waiting for business hours and access immediate solutions with our suite of resources. 

Mastering Data Automation with WhereScape University

WhereScape users come from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. While some have a long history of working closely with data and integrating various tools, others are learning as they go. Regardless of where you start, there are always additional steps to take in mastering data automation. 

WhereScape University exists to bridge those learning gaps and ensure that all users achieve mastery with our tools. With a variety of learning formats and topics available, the University brings organizations closer to curating meaningful business intelligence through WhereScape tools. 

Exploring Learning Opportunities at WhereScape University

The world of work takes many different forms now, and professional learning opportunities should too. Take WhereScape University courses in a self-paced format, online, onsite, or in a personalized layout. 

Course topics include:

  • Modern ETL Basics
  • RED Basics
  • 3D Basics
  • Data Vault Express
  • Basic Templates
  • Advanced Pebble in 3D
  • Using MCRs in 3D

Targeted Training to Enhance Skills and Productivity

Instead of creating broad courses that don’t answer specific user questions, WhereScape offers a suite of targeted training courses to truly enhance skills and skyrocket productivity. Whether you’re looking to further your understanding of WhereScape 3D, WhereScape RED, or WhereScape Data Vault Express, there are specialized courses for you. 

The variety of formats and custom training options means you can also select the medium that helps you retain the most information possible from your training. Hands-on courses are available, but so are self-paced and remote opportunities!

Building Expertise Through Comprehensive Educational Resources

WhereScape prioritizes the availability of data management resources for all users. In addition to the 24/7 support portal and WhereScape University, WhereScape users can also reference the robust FAQ page full of key terms.

This haven of data warehouse support contains a thorough glossary of data warehouse terminology, breaking down common terms such as big data, ETL vs. ELT, and database metadata. Users can reference this page at any time to gain clarity on concepts that could otherwise trigger confusion or frustration. 

Leveraging WhereScape’s Resources for Project Excellence

By making good use of the wide range of WhereScape customer success resources, data teams can increase productivity and efficiency in all projects. Operating without a thorough understanding of all capabilities included in team tools can result in downtime, frustration, and projects that don’t move the needle on organizational goals. 

When leveraging WhereScape’s resources, teams can finally take full advantage of every aspect of the data automation tools and in turn achieve project excellence and operational success. 

Maximizing Return on Investment with Expert Support and Training

Investing in data automation solutions can be the most impactful decision an organization makes for its growth. At the same time, having access to a tool does not always equate to using it fully. In order to maximize return on investment and get the most out of an investment, organizations can leverage data management resources and customer success resources. 

WhereScape makes it easy to access expert training in a variety of formats, as well as 24/7 support portals and online learning resources.

To start learning about the efficiency-boosting capabilities of WhereScape data automation, request a demo today.

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