Empowering Data Excellence: WhereScape Joins Forces with Peloton Data Solutions

| March 15, 2024
peloton data solutions

WhereScape is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Peloton Data Solutions, a beacon of data warehouse expertise in New Zealand. This collaboration unites two leaders in data management and automation, poised to set new standards in data warehouse solutions and services.

Peloton Data Solutions: A Legacy of Expertise

Founded in 2019 by Jason Laws, Peloton Data Solutions quickly distinguished itself by assembling a team of New Zealand’s most seasoned and adept data warehouse professionals. The Peloton team boasts unparalleled experience, having worked with an extensive range of database platforms and toolsets, including Snowflake, Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata. Peloton’s commitment to excellence is evident in their work and their status as an authorized distributor of WhereScape products in New Zealand. This partnership with WhereScape marks a continuation of a longstanding relationship, with many Peloton team members having previously contributed to WhereScape, including significant development work on the RED product.

WhereScape Red

WhereScape: A Pioneer in Data Automation

As a global frontrunner with over 20 years of experience in data warehouse automation and big data software and a 1,200-plus customer base, WhereScape’s innovative approach has revolutionized the field of data automation. With its roots in Auckland, New Zealand, and an extensive global reach, WhereScape delivers tools like WhereScape RED, WhereScape 3D, and Data Vault Express, which streamline development processes, boost productivity, and offer outstanding returns on investment.

Peloton Data Solutions

A Partnership Built on Shared Foundations

The synergy between WhereScape and Peloton Data Solutions is grounded in shared history and a deep understanding of data management challenges. Jason Laws, Founder & CEO of Peloton and a former key figure at WhereScape, brings over 30 years of experience in data solutions across various industries. Similarly, Stephen Dickens, Managing Consultant, with over three decades in the IT industry was another pivotal member of the original WhereScape team. Both contributed significantly to its development. Jason and Stephen joined WhereScape soon after it was founded in the late 1990s and were the third and eighth employees.

Their early involvement and contributions were instrumental in shaping WhereScape into what it is today: a tool designed by developers, for developers. This partnership is a testament to the strong, mutual respect and shared vision for data excellence that both organizations hold, deeply rooted in their foundational roles at WhereScape.

“Our alliance with WhereScape goes beyond mere collaboration; it’s a reunion of shared values and visions for the future of data management,” Jason Laws remarked. “Having been part of the original team that developed WhereScape, both Stephen and I are proud of our history with the company. Our extensive background with WhereScape’s products and a shared heritage of innovation position Peloton uniquely to drive data warehouse excellence in New Zealand. Together, we are committed to delivering unmatched data solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our involvement from the early days of WhereScape adds a layer of credibility and depth to our partnership, ensuring that our solutions are not just effective, but also crafted with the wisdom of experience and a profound understanding of the developers’ needs.”

Why Peloton Data Solutions?

Peloton’s authorization as a distributor of WhereScape products in New Zealand and their comprehensive experience with WhereScape’s tools sets this partnership apart. Their deep-rooted expertise across a broad spectrum of database platforms ensures that clients receive highly versatile and adaptable data management solutions. Peloton’s approach, characterized by a hands-on and customer-centric ethos, aligns perfectly with WhereScape’s commitment to empowering organizations through automation and efficiency.

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Looking Forward: A Union of Strengths

This partnership is more than a collaboration; it’s a strategic alliance that leverages Peloton’s ground-level expertise and WhereScape’s innovative automation technology. “We are excited to once again, join forces with Jason and Stephen to ensure WhereScape customers are wildly successful and receive maximum value from their investment in WhereScape,” said Max Hunsicker, General Manager of WhereScape Data Automation. “This partnership embodies our shared dedication to excellence and innovation, setting a new benchmark for data warehouse solutions in New Zealand and beyond.”

To discover how WhereScape’s solutions, enhanced through our partnership with Peloton Data Solutions, can transform your data management strategies, we invite you to book a demo with us—and experience firsthand the power of this collaboration.

For more information, visit Peloton Data Solutions and embark on a journey toward unparalleled data management excellence.

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