A State Governmental AgencyA State Governmental Agency

The challenge

With numerous mainframe and independent data systems in place, the State of Missouri Department of Revenue struggled to answer questions relative to its motor vehicle and driver’s license data. Any linking and insight of tax and motor vehicle data required manual effort and substantial time. Additionally, the IT organization knew that eventually it would need to sunset the existing mainframe system.


The solution

To address these challenges, the agency used WhereScape® automation for Teradata to design, develop and deploy the motor vehicle data into an existing Department of Revenue enterprise data warehouse. With automation built specifically to leverage Teradata strengths and capabilities, and ensure the integrated data would be optimized for Teradata use, the agency’s small IT team was able to complete the initial project in three months. A year and a half later, the solution routinely loads 900 tables of data each night. Reports and data that previously took weeks and months to manually assemble is now pulled together in a matter of minutes, giving the agency better insight into its revenue streams.

A State Governmental Agency

There would have been no way I would have gotten from the start of the project to the end of the project in the amount of time we tried to do it without some automated help.

– Ray Shell, IT Specialist I, State of Missouri