ERP Systems Consolidated into a Single Data Warehouse

How Tencate Partnered with WhereScape for their Data Automation


The challenge

Tencate had separate teams operating data marts in the United States and the Netherlands. They had been generating reports from two regions but wanted to report globally. They undertook a project to combine two separate ERP systems into a single data warehouse.

The solution

WhereScape offered a single tool for designing, developing, deploying, operating, and maintaining a data warehouse. The previous data marts had used SSIS and Excel, along with many other tools, for reporting. Creating a full data warehouse with WhereScape and combining data from both ERP systems made the creation of reports and reporting data much simpler and faster.

The results

  • Rapidly build a data warehouse for new reporting
  • Trustworthy data from track-back and track-forward diagrams
  • Automated DDL and DML generation


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Tencate Protective Fabrics is a global company with over 700 employees that manufactures specialty fabrics for emergency response, military, light and heavy industry, energy, and oil and gas customers. Firefighters, soldiers, and police officers rely on Tencate’s fabrics.