Directorate of Labour IcelandDirectorate of Labour Iceland

With unemployment across the country more than doubling during the pandemic, The Directorate of Labour Iceland (DLI) had much more reporting to do than usual. This exposed the team’s reliance on hand-made Power BI dashboards which were taking too much time to build and refresh.

One of the team had successfully used WhereScape Data Automation software to build an automated data warehouse at a banking company in a previous job. She contacted her former colleague from that project, who is now working at WhereScape partner Infodata, and in an excellent example of partner self-sufficiency, Infodata performed the WhereScape proof of concept themselves. 

The team was impressed with the power of WhereScape and the speed at which the challenges they set were completed. It was obvious they could reach their goals much faster by removing the long-winded manual tasks that had been taking up so much time, and focus on higher-value tasks that are more suited to human creativity.

The WhereScape features that stood out for DLI were the ability to make retrospective changes quickly by tweaking the metadata that describes the automated architecture, and the capability for automated documentation, traceability and lineage.