IQVIA, formerly Quintiles and IMS Health Inc. is an American multinational company serving the combined industries of health information technologies and clinical research. It is one of the world’s largest contract research organizations, with over 50,000 employees in approximately 100 countries.


IQVIA provides a BI solution for hospitals in Belgium. The company manages data from hospital logistics, finance, HR and various other sources. When the data team roll out a new release, they have to update between 40 to 80 environments. Each customer has their own sources system and choice of modules, so the configuration must be very flexible. Hand coding was a lot of work, and meant that the work the team wanted to carry out would have taken years.


IQVIA considered ETL tools like DataStage and SSIS, but then they discovered Data Warehouse Automation. The company chose WhereScape because of its maturity, having learned about the software by participating in a number of seminars.


Adding a column or a dimension used to take five to ten steps using different tools. Now it takes just two minutes, using WhereScape’s drag-and-drop GUI and letting automation regenerate the code and commit the required changes. There is also no chance of human error. Meanwhile, detailed reports and documentation make lineage and impact analysis much clearer and easier.


Even if you don’t use the documentation feature, the data lineage diagram and reports give you enough information to make easy impact analysis and understand where the data has come from.

– Olivier Franssen, Software Development Expert