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With over three million customers and 145 years’ experience, Simplyhealth supports people with their everyday health through cash plans, dental payment and pet health plans. Its roots are in the hospital funds set up in the Victorian era to help working people save for their medical care. With no shareholders, it exists solely to serving its customers and supporting charitable causes.

The challenge

The company was looking to increase productivity by redeploying six out of the ten team members to work on more strategic projects elsewhere in the business, while still producing and even extending Simplyhealth’s BI estate. Simplyhealth needed a new technology solution that would help it achieve such efficiencies from streamlining, without any risk of a lesser service.

The solution

Simplyhealth chose WhereScape 3D to test designs and show prototypes to business users using real data before the data warehouse was built, saving the time and money that could have been lost from miscommunication or misunderstanding. WhereScape 3D also enabled Simplyhealth’s developers to give a definitive answer on how long a build will take, which is almost impossible with hand coding.

The results

Since implementing the WhereScape data warehouse automation solution, Simplyhealth has been successful in running an efficient BI team with a reduced headcount of four. So successful, in fact, that rather than experiencing any setbacks, the service has reported fewer issues than ever before and can now process its refreshes on a daily basis, with refresh times reduced from eight hours to only one.

Simply Health

We couldn’t be happier. The results in efficiency alone have been worth the investment several times over! Refresh times are now happening 87.5% faster, the solution only took one developer four weeks to set up, as opposed to an entire team taking 18 months previously and an average change now only taking minutes, as opposed to anything from four to seven hours previously!

– Carl Richards, Business Intelligence Development Manager, Simplyhealth


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