Washington State Employees Credit UnionWashington State Employees Credit Union

The challenge

Founded in 1957, Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) is the second-largest credit union in the state with assets of more than $2.3 billion and serves more than 233,000 members from 20 branch locations in 15 cities across Washington state. As part of its ongoing focus on providing excellent service to its members, WSECU wanted to analyze information across all of its lines of business, drawing data from as many as 380 different applications. However, adding new data sources to the existing data warehouse was proving to be a time-consuming exercise that was too slow for the needs of the business.    


The solution

WSECU turned to WhereScape®RED to speed up integration of new data sources into its "Data Warehouse 2.0", the name WSECU gave to the now enriched and flexible data repository. With WhereScape RED, WSECU can quickly add new high-value subject areas such as mortgage applications, investments, and others into the data warehouse in a matter of weeks. In addition to automating the development and operations workflows, WhereScape RED also automatically creates and manages the metadata and generates full documentation for the data warehouse.


The results

  • Added new subject areas into the Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse 75 percent faster with automation, in three weeks, as opposed to as much as four months using previous methods
  • Enables business users to analyze data across all lines of business
  • Lets staff focus on high-value tasks by automating creating documentation and updating it as changes are made
Washington State Employees Credit Union

WhereScape RED has greatly sped up how fast I can get something in front of the customer and have an agile back-and-forth.

– Joe Horton, Business Intelligence Architect, Washington State Employees Credit Union