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Stowe, Vermont – May 20, 2019 – Today, at the World Wide Data Vault Consortium, Dan Linstedt, inventor of Data Vault 2.0 and renowned expert in data warehousing and BI implementation launched the Data Vault Alliance, a new global community which seeks to unite Data Vault experts, vendors and practitioners, and enhance expertise and sharing of best practices for Data Vault 2.0 use within IT organizations worldwide.

The Data Vault Alliance will connect data professionals involved with Data Vault initiatives, and offers training, certification and other Data Vault 2.0 resources in an online venue to help organizations build Data Vault 2.0 competency and increase project success rates. It is increasingly being adopted by data warehousing teams of all sizes given the methodology’s strong resiliency to business and technology change, improved scalability and data consistency.

Linstedt is working with industry partners to develop the new community, including premier partner, WhereScape, the leading provider of data infrastructure automation software and expert in Data Vault 2.0 Automation. Data vault automation software, like WhereScape® Data Vault Express™, fast-tracks data vault projects while ensuring teams adhere to Data Vault 2.0 principles. Linstedt has stated data vault automation is key to organizations reaping the benefits of Data Vault 2.0 as quickly as possible.

Members of the Data Vault Alliance will receive access to education, tools and resources that will empower them to learn, practice and innovate in the use of Data Vault 2.0. Through the Data Vault Alliance website – www.datavaultalliance.com – members can access world-class training, professional development certifications, organizational assessment tools, directories of authorized Data Vault 2.0 vendors and mentoring opportunities. The website will also host both a business channel and a technical channel to assist members in the understanding and use of Data Vault 2.0 throughout an organization.

“Communities are powerful entities. The Data Vault Alliance will create an impactful network of like-minded professionals that can support each other in the journey to learn and build agile, scalable and sustainable business intelligence programs,” said Dan Linstedt, founder and chief executive of the Data Vault Alliance. “It has long been my goal to extend the reach of the collaboration we witness each year on-site at the World Wide Data Vault Consortium to more data vault practitioners in an online venue.”

“With the Data Vault Alliance, data warehousing teams new to Data Vault and pursuing Data Vault projects will greatly benefit from the past experience of those most successful with the Data Vault 2.0 methodology,” said Mark Budzinski, CEO at WhereScape. “We see every day the impact that data vault automation has in shrinking the timelines associated with Data Vault projects. We’re looking forward to sharing those successes and learning from others within the Data Vault Alliance.”

A Platinum sponsor of the World Wide Data Vault Consortium, WhereScape will host a hands-on lab during the conference on Tuesday afternoon, May 21. Attendees will be able to test drive WhereScape Data Vault Express and see why organizations are investing in data vault automation to speed up success. More about data vault automation can be found here.

To learn more about the Data Vault Alliance, view this video interview with Dan Linstedt. Those interested in learning more about the Data Vault Alliance and its benefits can register here

About the Data Vault Alliance:

The Data Vault Alliance is a global community of Data Vault experts, vendors and practitioners with the common mission to share best practices and resources supporting the successful use of Data Vault 2.0 within IT organizations worldwide. Founded by Data Vault creator Daniel Linstedt, www.datavaultalliance.com provides the Data Vault 2.0 learning resources, vendor directories and community forums needed to make the most of the Data Vault 2.0 system of business intelligence. For more information, please visit www.datavaultalliance.com.  

About WhereScape:

WhereScape helps IT organizations of all sizes leverage automation to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster. More than 700 customers worldwide rely on WhereScape automation to eliminate hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive aspects of data infrastructure projects to deliver data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts in days or weeks rather than in months or years. WhereScape has offices in Portland, Oregon; Reading, UK; Auckland, New Zealand; and Singapore. For more information, please visit www.wherescape.com.

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