This modelers’ guide to Data Vault Express explains why automation is necessary to implement a fully-functional Data Vault architecture in a timeframe the business expects.

WhereScape Data Vault Express dramatically cuts the time to develop Data Vault-based analysis solutions with built-in automation, wizards, patterns, models and templates. This means delivery of Data Vault solutions in hours and days rather than months and years. Data Vault Express reduces the risk of failure by getting your project to production faster with higher quality and data consistency.

WhereScape does this through automating the design, development, deployment and operation of enterprise data vaults. This includes building hubs, satellites, and links, in addition to automatically managing metadata attributes such as load date and record source. All while generating uniform and optimized code, native to your target platform.

Topics covered include:

  • Comparing Data Vault with other modeling approaches
  • How to evaluate which approach is best for you
  • Ensuring success with WhereScape

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