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WhereScape 3D

Reduce the Risks of Data Warehouse Projects

Every data project has risks. The best way to mitigate them is to remove the unknowns as soon as possible. Use WhereScape 3D to rapidly understand source systems and data, and quickly test designs with business users – using real data.

Discover, profile, explore, and document source data systems faster, leading to better designs, fewer surprises, and lower risks.

Use Cases

Tame Complexity

The hardest question to answer about a data project is how long it will take. WhereScape 3D lets you provide a definitive answer. Use WhereScape 3D to explore the dependencies – the quality of the data, access to the source systems, and uptake of the design. Using real data before you actually start building gives you insight into the viability and effort required, significantly reducing your project risk.

Rapidly Prototype

A document just isn’t enough. WhereScape 3D rapidly builds prototypes populated with real data. Business users can really see what is possible and what can be built at the beginning of each project cycle.

Build Business Cases

In data projects, the harder it is to understand the data sources and get the data, the more expensive the project. WhereScape 3D is the spotlight into the murky world of data. Providing insight into data sources enables buisness analysts to understand and document the complexity and costs before a project kicks off.


Provides One Integrated Planning Automation Toolset 

WhereScape 3D centralizes planning automation capabilities into one integrated environment. There is no need to purchase or integrate separate discovery, profiling, or modelling tools. And, best of all, it integrates seamlessly with WhereScape RED when you move from planning to building.

Discovers Source Systems and Data

Discover, explore, and document potential source systems, including a detailed examination of tables and columns. Discover, explore, and document potential source data including Hadoop.

Profiles Source Data

Profile source data from source systems and Hadoop with comprehensive profiling metrics and reports. Efficiently compare and report on the structure and data of a source. Easily version source systems and refresh data profiling metrics.

Generates Documentation for You 

WhereScape 3D automatically creates and updates documentation as you make changes. Always have up-to-date project documentation for governance, funding, or internal communications.

Supported Platforms

Data sources supported by WhereScape 3D include, but are not restricted to: Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle, DB2, Greenplum, Netezza, Microsoft APS (PDW), Sybase, MySQL, Progress, and flat files from FTP, SSH, Telnet, or Hadoop.