toyota financial services

Toyota Financial Services GmbH was founded in 1988 and had 12.6 billion in assets as of 2020. The company offers finance and leasing business on new and used Toyota and Lexus cars as well as people-centred mobility solutions. The bank is part of the Toyota Motor Corporation, headquartered in Toyota City, Japan.

The Challenge:

Data Model Inconsistencies

Toyota Kreditbank’s BI team was looking for a new solution to standardise the data model, renew the technical infrastructure and implement a unified methodology for each country to deliver its data in a standard XML format and on a daily basis. The team would then only need to do the sourcing once and reapply for each country.

The Solution:

Data Warehouse Automation

One company Toyota Kreditbank invited for a proof of concept was Infomotion. The consultancy’s recommended data ecosystem favours WhereScape Data Automation software to build and manage data warehouses in conjunction with Snowflake’s cloud data platform and data vault modelling. The Infomotion team created a table that fitted into the calculation table seamlessly.

The Results:

Snowflake Data Vault Implementation

Within the first seven months of their project, the Toyota Financial Services team has moved 95% of its infrastructure onto the cloud with Snowflake, and has designed and built a data vault using WhereScape 3D and RED. As well as the more immediate benefits that Data Automation has demonstrated, the Toyota Financial Services team sees its project with WhereScape and Snowflake as an investment that will pay dividends in the long term.


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toyota financial services

"At seven months into the project we can say it really worked out. We have been able to really quickly develop an initial MVP for our first country and that was really good. The automation and the changes we needed to do were rapidly applied. We had to remodel a few things and that was done within a day with the automation in WhereScape."

– Carsten Griefnow, Senior BI Manager