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WhereScape RED

Automate Building, Managing, and Operating Your Data Warehouses

WhereScape’s flagship data warehouse automation software, WhereScape RED, dramatically saves time and money when building data warehouse and big data solutions.

Choose your architecture (enterprise data repository, enterprise data warehouse, data vault, data lake, data store, data mart, or a combination), mix and match your technology and use WhereScape RED's automation capabilities to get results faster.

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WhereScape RED supports building and managing data warehouses using all industry standard modeling approaches.

Adapt to changing business needs

Easily change, and extend your decision support infrastructure in less time, at lower cost.

Automate tasks to free up resources

Eliminate hand coding and tedious, repetitive tasks throughout the data warehouse lifecycle.


Provides one integrated automation toolset

WhereScape RED centralizes development of decision support infrastructure with one integrated environment. There’s no need to license separate ETL, data integration, or data modeling tools. And it reduces your need for tool- or platform-specific human expertise.

Automates your workflow

Our integrated scheduling and workflow engine streamlines the deployment and management of your decision support infrastructure. With WhereScape RED, there’s no manual scripting of complex and brittle job flows. WhereScape RED creates the tables, stored procedures to populate the tables, and all documentation required to manage the overall environment.

Generates native SQL code

Eliminate the tedious, manual task of creating SQL code and stored procedures. WhereScape RED automatically generates native SQL code and takes advantage of database-specific features and applications, such as optimized database loaders. 

Exploiting database-specific implementations of SQL standards such as ANSI Merge to increase query performance and database efficiency is handled automatically by WhereScape RED – without manual intervention or oversight. And unlike an ETL tool, WhereScape RED doesn’t require a dedicated server or middle tier: the WhereScape RED Repository – a set of database metadata tables – resides in your target data warehouse environment.

Generates documentation for you

WhereScape RED automatically creates documentation and updates it as you make changes. You get full data lineage, including track back, track forward, and impact analysis out-of-the-box. Save time by always ensuring that technical and user documentation are up-to-date.

Automatically collects and manages metadata

The WhereScape RED Repository collects and manages complete and transparent metadata for design and operational purposes. As you create objects or make changes to existing objects, you automatically create metadata in your target data warehouse platform. WhereScape RED uses this metadata to generate DDL and DML and to automate the creation of data warehouse documentation. You can also restore previous states and configurations at will.

Enables rapid prototyping

With WhereScape RED, you can go from source data to a populated schema in minutes or hours. From there you’ll design your way iteratively to the best possible answer in a few days. WhereScape RED empowers business users to participate in the scoping and prototyping of their data warehouse, with the resulting buy-in for full use once in production.

Integrates big data

WhereScape RED automates and accelerates the routine tasks associated with designing, building, operating, and modifying big data infrastructure. Data lakes and other big data constructs can be integrated with enterprise data to create powerful understanding across the business landscape.

Customer Success

Organizations worldwide rely on WhereScape RED to accelerate development and delivery of their decision support infrastructure. With WhereScape RED, they’ve become more agile and responsive to the business. In fact, many customers have slashed their warehouse development lifecycles by as much as 500 percent.

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Supported Platforms 

WhereScape RED builds native database objects optimized for a number of target platforms, including: Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, as well as analytic appliances such as Greenplum, Netezza and Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System. As an ELT engine, WhereScape RED can extract data from virtually any source, including: OLTP systems, flat files, and big data platforms such as Hadoop.