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  • Product Brief: Improving Design for Data Warehouse Automation with WhereScape 3D 2.5

    White Papers, Brochures | By: John Myers, Managing Research Director, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Enterprise Management Associates

    This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) product brief reviews WhereScape 3D, an automated data-driven design tool. In this product brief EMA recognizes WhereScape as a leader in data warehouse discovery and design and describes how WhereScape 3D allows organizations to quickly and productively scan, catalog, and detail the metadata of existing analytical environments.

  • Lawrence Corr.jpg

    Video: Ask the Experts - Interview with Lawrence Corr, Author of 'Agile Data Warehouse Design'


    Hear Lawrence Corr talk about how WhereScape is uniquely placed to help organizations take a truly agile approach to managing increasing data volumes and complexity.

  • Ronald Damhof.jpg

    Video: Ask the Experts - Interview with Ronald Damhof, Principal Consultant, Prudenza


    Ronald Damhof talks about the importance of understanding ALL of the data and how this can only be made possible by automation techniques such as WhereScape.

  • Mark Budzinski Interviewed by Wayne Eckerson at Teradata Partners

    Podcasts | By: Wayne Eckerson

    Mark Budzinski, President of WhereScape, and Wayne Eckerson of the Eckerson Group discuss how data warehouse automation can benefit organizations and IT departments in any industry by building and managing data warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

  • eckerson-logo

    Webinar: One-On-One Series--Wayne Eckerson Interviews Mark Budzinski, Features Wherescape RED

    Webinars | By: Wayne Eckerson, The Eckerson Group

    President of WhereScape, Mark Budzinski, and Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Director Eckerson Group, discuss the challenges and benefits of data warehouse automation today, the use cases for automation, key product differentiators that set WhereScape apart from the competition, and present a 5-minute demo of building a data warehouse with WhereScape RED.

  • thebloorgroup

    Webinar: Modern Data Warehouse Research Report

    Webinars | By: Analysts David Loshin and Abie Reifer, The Bloor Group

    Watch this special Bloor Group webinar on the Modern Data Warehouse to hear the latest research on how agile-enabled solutions like data warehouse automation simplify the creation, deployment and ongoing maintenance of the data warehouse infrastructure.

  • eckerson-logo

    White Paper: Eckerson Group Profiles Data Warehouse Automation Pioneer WhereScape

    White Papers, Brochures | By: Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group

    Industry expert Wayne Eckerson of the Eckerson Group recently profiled WhereScape and its data warehouse profiling and development solutions, giving the company high marks for its data-driven approach to development. Read the report now.

  • eckerson-logo

    White Paper: Eckerson Group: Data Warehouse Automation Tools – Product Categories and Positioning

    White Papers | By: Author: Wayne Eckerson, Principle Consultant, Eckerson Group

    Learn from industry expert Wayne Eckerson why data warehouse automation is an ideal solution for IT organizations looking to deliver value to the business much faster. Read how data warehouse automation greatly reduces the traditional, time-consuming manual efforts and coding associated with data warehouse development.

  • alain-bond

    Video: Canadian National Railway Company


    Canadian National Railway Company (CN) took an iterative, prototyping approach to data warehouse development, using WhereScape to integrate multiple data sources, one of which took less than a day. Watch the video now.

  • ryanfenner

    Video: Union Bank


    Learn how Union Bank used WhereScape RED’s data warehouse automation solution to achieve a 5x performance increase in developer productivity. Watch the video now.

Listing 1 to 10 of 87