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  • White Paper: 9sight Consulting – Meeting The Six Data Vault Challenges

    White Papers, Data Warehouse Automation, Data Vault, Independent | By: Barry Devlin, Founder & Principal, 9sight Consulting

    Industry expert Dr. Barry Devlin shares the six most common issues organizations have encountered when implementing the Data Vault 2.0 methodology and provides practical advice on how to successfully overcome.

  • WhereScape Webinar: Turning The Data Vault Methodology Into A Practical Reality

    Data Warehouse Automation, Data Vault, Webinars

    Review this recorded webcast and learn from industry expert Dr. Barry Devlin of 9sight Consulting how you can benefit from Data Vault 2.0 within your organization and easily overcome the six most common issues to its adoption.

  • Solution Brief: WhereScape Automation for Snowflake


    Wherescape® automation for Snowflake combines the best practices and native capabilities of Snowflake with automation to help its teams deliver actionable, reliable data infrastructure projects in the cloud faster. From data warehouse design and development to deployment and operation, WhereScape removes the repetitive and time-intensive so you can more quickly support the business with solutions that are primed and ready for change.

  • Webinar: #InsideAnalysis Streaming Radio Show & Deep Dive Webcast

    2017, Aug, Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, Webinar

    WhereScape® automation for Snowflake debuts on #InsideAnalysis Streaming Radio Show & Deep Dive Webcast

  • Solution Brief: WhereScape Data Vault Express

    Data Vault, WhereScape, Brochures

    Automate the design, creation, and operation of enterprise Data Vaults with WhereScape® Data Vault Express™, specifically engineered and integrated for Data Vault 2.0.

  • White Paper: 9sight Consulting - Into the Data Vault via data warehouse automation

    White Papers, Data Vault, Independent | By: Author: Barry Devlin, Founder & Principal, 9sight Consulting

    Barry Devlin, the founder and principal of 9sight Consulting and one of the founders of data warehousing, offers his thoughts on how Data Vault and WhereScape combine to deliver robust yet agile design and highly automated, repeatable delivery of enterprise data warehouses.

  • Webinar: Automation Drives DW Development at Delta Community Credit Union

    Data Warehouse Automation, Teradata, Webinar

    Watch this webinar replay to learn how Delta Community Credit Union used WhereScape’s automation software to quickly build a Teradata data warehouse with a limited staff and budget that immediately delivered business value.

  • Webinar: Automating Data Warehouse Development at WSECU

    Webinar, Data Warehouse Automation, SQL Server

    Watch this webinar replay to hear Joe Horton share how WSECU is using WhereScape’s data warehouse automation software to integrate new subject areas into its Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse with speed and agility.

  • Webinar: Accelerating Data Vault 2.0 Development with Data Warehouse Automation

    Data Vault, Data Warehouse Automation, Webinars

    Are you currently working with Data Vault 2.0 or considering it? WhereScape and our strategic partner, Data Vault Inventor Dan Linstedt, invite you to watch a replay of our webinar to hear the latest updates on Data Vault 2.0 and how data warehouse automation enables rapid and agile Data Vault 2.0 development.

  • Webinar: Getting Your Analytics Platform up to Business Speed

    Webinar, Business Intelligence

    If you think building out a data warehouse to optimize agility is too complex and time-consuming, think again. Tune in to learn about the importance of connecting data-driven analytics with business outcome and the latest tools for rapidly building out a data warehouse.

Listing 1 to 10 of 128