Cloud Data Warehouse

Seamlessly integrate, manage, and optimize your data in the
cloud with speed and precision. Replace manual data handling
with unparalleled efficiency. Dive into the future of data
management with WhereScape today



manual code

Cloud Data Warehouses WITH Automation

Automation minimizes the risk of human error and enables organizations to ensure the success of their cloud migration.
Automation expedites code delivery by eliminating 95% of manual coding, while including platform-specific best practices to increase productivity and quality.
Enable your developers to worry less about writing production code and instead focus on what actually matters: creating and maintaining analytics.

See Your Cloud Data
Project’s ROI Faster

A cloud-based data infrastructure eliminates most of the costs and labor associated with on-premise infrastructure, but there’s still a lot of work involved in its design, development, deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Ensure that work is done right the first time and avoids rising cloud consumption costs through faster development and greatly reduced testing. See what you can achieve with WhereScape data automation today.

Launch and Maintain Your Cloud Data Warehouse Without The Headaches of Standard Migrations

Transform Your Data Strategy

WhereScape offers a simple yet powerful solution that collects and organizes data from almost any source for better business insights.

Deliver Higher Quality Work

Save months of development headaches and reduce expensive operation costs with WhereScape Data Automation. 

Enterprise-Wide Control

WhereScape provides a single hub where your teams can configure, execute, and monitor integration tasks across your data environment.

Built for Leading Data Platforms

WhereScape seamlessly integrates with dozens of data sources and targets, including leading platforms like Snowflake, Databricks, Azure Synapse, and SQL Server.

In an ever-changing environment, WhereScape is the constant you can rely on. 

Build Your Cloud Data Warehouse Right

WhereScape is the data automation solution you need for your cloud data project.
Learn more about WhereScape Data Automation Software below or request a demo to see it in action.