Teradata Automation

Radically accelerate the time to value of Teradata projects with WhereScape.
Automate the design, development, deployment and operation of Teradata data infrastructure to reduce risk and deliver faster.

Fast-track Teradata projects

Shorten the development lifecycle of Teradata data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts by 80% using automation.

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Cut cost, risk and complexity

Leverage Teradata best practices and templates to instantly generate consistent, native, optimized Teradata code and scripts.

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Respond quickly to the business

Turn IT requestors into IT advocates through collaboration and iterative design and rapid prototyping.

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It just did not make sense to go any other way. This leverages the full power of the Teradata engine and helps us automate a lot of the processes that would require custom coding. There is no other way to do it.

– Su Rayburn, AVP, Information Management and Analytics, Delta Community Credit Union


Shorten and simplify the development of Teradata projects.

Increase time to value

Deliver Teradata data infrastructure projects fast, in days or weeks instead of months or years.

  • Automates development and operations workflows with wizards and best practices built for Teradata.
  • Generates Teradata-optimized SQL code and leverages native objects (such as views, models, and join indexes) and unique features such as a multi-level partitioned primary index.
  • Incorporates best practices for popular database methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0.
  • Enables continuous integration and delivery to easily incorporate changes as business demands evolve.

Automate repetitive, manual tasks

Eliminate 95% of hand-coding and improve developer productivity fivefold by automating manual, repetitive tasks throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Generates Teradata-optimized SQL code and Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) scripts automatically.
  • Creates technical and business-level documentation as you work, removing the burden from development teams and providing auditability for future reference.
  • Automates and schedules operational tasks associated with your Teradata data infrastructure.

Boost enterprise collaboration

Work more effectively with business users and gather feedback early to reduce project risk and deliver greater business value.  

  • Provides iterative design capabilities so you can show concepts to business users, collaborate on new ideas and build better solutions.
  • Supports rapid prototyping to identify and close the gap between business needs and technical capabilities early in the project.
  • Enables you to test prototypes with real data as you refine designs based on feedback from business users.

WhereScape for Teradata

WhereScape automation for Teradata includes the integrated combination of:

  • WhereScape® 3D for Teradata, a design tool to help teams first understand data source systems, and then rapidly build and test prototypes with business users.
  • WhereScape® RED for Teradata, an integrated development environment helping teams develop, deploy and operate Teradata infrastructure faster with built-in automation based on Teradata best practices.
  • WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ for Teradata, providing teams a practical way to deliver Data Vaults that adhere to the 2.0 system of business intelligence.