Data Infrastructure Automation

Automated Solutions for Every Big Data Project

Whatever data source, modeling style or platform you choose to deliver accurate information to the business, you can get there faster with Data Automation. We have specific solutions for each of the subject areas below, so click on the ones relevant to you to find out how WhereScape can automate repetitive tasks to increase speed and productivity.

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Data Warehouse

Virtually every organization wants to be more data driven. A data warehouse provides a central repository for extracting insights and informing decisions. The challenge is how to deliver and update data warehouses at the speed the business needs.

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Data Mart

One of your business functions needs a specific set or subject area of data—now. You’re thinking providing a data mart could meet their needs but, based on previous traditional methods, it’ll take months. Unless, that is, you automate 80 percent of the development effort.

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Data Vault

Created with data warehousing best practices, Data Vault 2.0 is a methodology for delivering data warehouses that are more adaptable to change. Data vault automation takes the complexity out of design and development and makes Data Vault 2.0 an achievable reality.

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Big Data

Apply the big A of automation to the five Vs of big data – volume, variety, velocity, variability and veracity –and achieve rapid integration into your enterprise data infrastructure. Big data integration that will yield big insights for your organization.

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Cloud Data Warehouse

While cloud data warehousing lets you take advantage of the scalability, resiliency, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud, it's still up to you to design, develop, deploy and operate your data warehouse. Use data infrastructure automation to fast-track new projects, cloud migration efforts and address hybrid cloud environments.

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See how WhereScape automates all documentation and updates it with any changes as you work. You get full data source lineage, including track back, track forward, and impact analysis so IT will always have an up-to-date, accurate and complete view of the data infrastructure.

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