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Make WhereScape The One Constant In Your Data Projects

Data Warehouse Automation

Data warehouse automation like WhereScape delivers 100 times more code than manual development processes. Not only does this help developers work faster with fewer errors, but it also ensures that platform-specific development best practices are applied for a more robust data infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

WhereScape offers built-in intelligence of platform-specific best practices and code generation tailored to your chosen providers, with all the templates and configurations you’ll need to migrate quickly and painlessly.  

Data Vault Automation

Data Vault 2.0 is an agile design methodology for building large, scalable, and flexible data warehouses. It solves the challenges of traditional data warehousing methods by allowing data engineers to more easily integrate large volumes of data and adapt existing data architecture to new changes.

Big Data Integration

As your business grows, so does the volume of your data. Organizations working with Big Data must ensure their data architecture can scale to handle the manifold addition of new data years down the line. With WhereScape data automation, you can trust your data warehouse projects will preserve the integrity of your data, at any scale.

Automated Documentation

WhereScape checks documentation off your to-do list by building your documentation for you, including all changes. Track back and forward diagrams and complete documentation for developers and end-users is always up-to-date ensuring the entire team is in-sync on every project.

Supported Platforms

WhereScape integrates seamlessly with dozens of data sources and targets (including leading platforms like Snowflake, Databricks, Azure Synapse, and SQL Server), automatically organizing and integrating disparate data sources to manage the data flow into your infrastructure.

 Data Governance

WhereScape’s Data Warehouse Automation ensures that your data governance policies are consistently implemented. It provides full data source lineage through automated documentation, including track back, track forward, and impact analysis so users always have an up-to-date and complete view of your data infrastructure.

Want the option of switching
architectures down the road?

WhereScape is database-agnostic, which means you can easily integrate it with your data platforms of choice.

Explore WhereScape Use cases


WhereScape offers timesaving and error-reducing tools for technical people who work directly with data warehouses.


WhereScape provides higher quality data faster, enabling analysts to simplify their data story and deliver reliable insights.


WhereScape augments IT teams’ workflows, safeguarding against technical skills gaps from talent turnover.

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