The challenge

Xero is the emerging global leader of online accounting software that connects small businesses to their advisors and other services. The cloud-based software is used in more than 180 countries by more than one million subscribers. As a data-driven organization from the top down, Xero employees constantly talk about data and how to leverage it. To support the data needs of the rapidly growing company, a small business intelligence (BI) team was tasked to create a new data warehouse.  


The solution

The software company chose Microsoft SQL Server for its data warehouse platform and WhereScape® RED to automate the development, deployment and operation of the new data warehouse. After rapid success deploying the new data infrastructure, the team turned its attention to the cloud. WhereScape RED is now automating the migration from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift, giving Xero a quick and easy path to creating a data warehouse in the cloud.


The results

  • Rapidly developed and deployed new data warehouse on SQL Server
  • Generates consistent models so that anyone on the BI team can pick up the code and continue working
  • Helped “upskill” new BI team members quickly as the team grew from 2 to 20
  • Enables migration from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift seamlessly and quickly, data sources reconfigured in three weeks or less

Running on SQL Server was a no brainer. We've constantly seen the value of WhereScape. As we move to AWS, and move off the SQL Server platform for our staging environment to Amazon Redshift, the time to reconfigure our sources has been rapid—two to three weeks. The consistency of WhereScape is really ringing true as we move to AWS with the ability for anybody to pick up anybody else's code and quickly refactor it.

– Tim Mole, Business Intelligence Manager, Xero


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