WhereScape Data Automation Demo
Product Demonstration

WhereScape Builds a Data Foundation for Reports and Dashboards

Thursday, June 29, 2023|11 am CT

Are you responsible for generating reports and dashboards for business analysis? Does your organization lack the IT and architecture skills needed to create a real data warehouse or data foundation for your analysis? Then WhereScape STAR is here to help. 

Come join this 30-minute product demonstration and see how WhereScape STAR can:

  • Create load tables that duplicate your ODBC and file sources
  • Create stage tables that implement business rules and transformations
  • Create a star schema for your analysis
  • Schedule jobs that run to update your data warehouse
  • Create documentation for the entire process

WhereScape STAR is your digital co-worker who can fill in the technical details. You describe what you want to do, and WhereScape STAR figures out the how. Come see how you can create and maintain the data infrastructure for your analysis easier and faster than you ever have before.

Learn more about our unique data productivity capabilities for these leading platforms

Deploy on Microsoft Azure and integrate with Microsoft applications.

Seamlessly work with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Leverage a complete range of Google infrastructure and data solutions.

Ingest data from multiple sources and deliver more business insights.


Deliver a wider variety of real-time data for Al, ML and data science.

Enable your data journey with a modern ETL solution

See how WhereScape users automate over 12 trillion gigs of data each month.