The essential component to Data Warehouse Development is Automation

TDWI Pulse Report: Accelerating Data Warehouse Development

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Data Automation is supporting business consumption of analytics through accelerated delivery of data.

A lot has changed since data warehousing was first introduced in the 1970s. The traditional approach has proven to be too slow, too manual, and too complex to deliver what the business needs, when it needs it. That’s where data automation and data warehouse automation solutions can help.

With automated data warehousing, IT teams can fast-track new data integration, more effectively work with big data, and devote greater time to the business intelligence initiatives that will yield the greatest impact for their organizations.

WhereScape is the perfect technology to utilize in any data warehouse project as it eliminates hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive tasks to fast-track data integration and data management projects. Boost developer productivity and improve collaboration with the business and we have produced a guide that explains how automation adds value to data projects.

Best practices and tool automation for faster business consumption of analytics.

The above TDWI Pulse Report drills into survey responses that illuminate key areas for the acceleration of data warehouse (DW) development:

  • Drivers for the acceleration of DW development
  • The importance of accelerating DW development
  • Forms of data warehouse automation and acceleration
  • Best practices accelerating DW development 
  • Final thoughts and recommendations

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