What does the future of technology look like? It’s a question the tech industry constantly asks itself. The past 18 months have been ones of momentous change for all sectors, but especially for those in IT – and more change is expected in 2022.

Sustainable energy solutions, hyperautomation, Internet of Behaviours (IoB) and artificial intelligence are amongst just a few of the trends that have grown over the past year. So, why are they important to the sector and what other trends can we expect to see in the new year?

Simon Spring, operations director, EMEA,WhereScape predicts that data lakehouses will continue to take hold in 2022. He highlights, “The term ‘data lakehouse’ has become increasingly popular in recent years, and 2022 will be the year we see a significant leap in adoption.

“At a time of exponential growth in data, we know that companies are looking for new, innovative data infrastructures, relying on technologies for data-driven decisions and insights more than they ever have before.

“The data lakehouse is a concept that bridges the gap between the data warehouse and the data lake, which to some degree, are just two sides of the same coin. Both serve as storage locations for large amounts of data. However, each technology has a different structure, supports different formats and has been optimised for different purposes. Together, though, enterprises can experience the best of both worlds, combining features and functionality into a single system which means data teams can move faster and unearth deeper insights into the data they are working with.”

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