Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VGSG) resells approved used Volkswagen vehicles. It’s a subsidiary of Volkswagen, which is headquartered in Germany and is the largest car manufacturer in Europe.

The Challenge:

Meeting Business Intelligence Demand

VGSG struggled to deliver business intelligence solutions in an iterative fashion. To speed up delivery, VGSG wanted the ability to change any single component within a data warehouse and automatically trigger a cascade of changes for all dependent and affected components. Additionally, the organization wanted to gain more efficient data management, end its traditional, bottom-up design approach, and introduce a more conceptual, iterative framework.

The Solution:

Data Warehouse Automation

The auto reseller looked for a way it could define metadata (rules, in this case) that described how data warehouse components work and how they depend on and integrate with one another. VGSG wanted to use the defined metadata to auto-generate changes. The VGSG team assessed solutions from multiple data warehouse automation vendors and found that WhereScape was unquestionably the best in the market to address these needs, as well as the organization’s overall requirements. As part of the organization’s due diligence, it conducted a three-day proof of concept with WhereScape. The success of the proof of concept led to WhereScape automation being adopted within a number of VGSG projects.


The Results:

Data Warehouse Best Practices through Automation

  • Data delivery to the technical warehouse layer is six times faster
  • Better quality documentation is easily generated
  • Time to value for the business was significantly reduced


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WhereScape is helping us to deliver on our business intelligence goals in a rapid and iterative manner and positively influencing our time to market.

– Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VGSG)