While ETL and ELT solutions can be helpful to data warehousing teams for some data movement scenarios, data automation software provides teams with much broader, far-reaching capabilities and benefits across the entire data warehousing lifecycle.

ELT Tools and Data Warehouse Automation

Review this comparison guide titled Modern Data Warehousing – How Data Warehouse Automation Differs from ETL and ELT Tools to learn:

  • the origins of ETL and ELT tools
  • what data warehouse automation is and what it provides data warehousing teams
  • the key differences between data warehouse automation and ETL/ELT solutions
  • the 7 scenarios where data warehouse automation provides value beyond ETL/ELT solutions
  • three key reasons to choose data warehouse automation over ETL/ELT approaches

You’ll also receive a comparison chart that visually shows the starting and stopping points for a variety of tools throughout the data warehousing lifecycle, and see how automation software can unite the entire data warehousing process.

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