Data Vault 2.0 offers data warehousing teams a host of benefits and improved capabilities as they work to deliver faster access to the data-driven insights needed by their organizations today. Teams are able to achieve a greater resiliency to business and technology changes, an easier path to ingesting new and multiple data sources, and greater scalability and data consistency. Data Vault Automation, such as WhereScape® Data Vault Express™, provides teams with the boost they need to more easily adopt the Data Vault 2.0 methodology and start reaping its benefits as quickly as possible.


Watch this 3-minute video and hear firsthand why Data Vault 2.0 inventor Dan Linstedt believes WhereScape to be the premier worldwide leader in Data Vault Automation software. Learn why he trusts WhereScape to deliver the capabilities needed to ensure teams are successful implementing Data Vault 2.0 and catch a glimpse of WhereScape Data Vault Express. After you view the video, visit our Data Vault Automation or WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ website areas, or contact us to learn more and Request a Demo.

Dan Linstedt is the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture (now deemed Data Vault 1.0) and Data Vault 2.0., and a world-renowned expert in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence with over 25 years of IT experience. He has helped many organizations, including Fortune 50 companies like Nike, the US Air Force, US Department of Defense, American Automobile Association, Desjardins Bank, Edmonton Police Services and successfully implement Business Intelligence solutions. Dan is also the author of The New Business Supermodel and the de-facto standard for Data Vault 1.0 Modeling – Super Charge Your Data Warehouse. Dan offers private Data Vault 2.0 certifications, co-founded, and launched the Data Vault Alliance, an online community to help spread the word and education about Data Vault and share real-world experiences.