Why Read This Report

Agile business intelligence (BI) platforms only partially support the iterative development of BI applications. Parts of the process, like data integration and modeling, still follow a less flexible waterfall development life cycle. In this report, AD&D pros can learn about a landscape of vendors that bring Agile options to all phases of BI application development. These data warehouse automation (DWA) platforms facilitate shorter, more iterative development cycles, foster collaboration between the business and technology management, and require fewer expensive human resources with specialized data modeling skills.

Key Takeaways

Agile BI Requires More Than Just Agile Dashboards
True agility means prototyping data models (not just dashboards and reports) quickly so business users can continuously iterate on it. AD&D pros working on BI initiatives should consider adding DWA platforms to their BI toolbox. 

DWA Enables BI Self-Service For Use Cases Requiring A Data Warehouse (DW) 
DWA is not a data warehouse appliance, nor data-warehouse-as-a-service (DWaaS) — it’s software that automatically generates a data warehouse by analyzing the data itself and applying best practices for DW design embedded in the technology. Another name for this type of technology is “metadata-generated analytics.”