In this 50-minute webcast, Simon Asplen-Taylor (formerly CDO at Rank Group, Tesco, Cushman & Wakefield) explores two key processes that every company needs to master to extract competitive advantage from its data science investment.

  1. How should Data Science teams maximise their effort on Data Science?

The more Data Science teams add value using data science to create actionable insight and ultimately revenue the greater their value to the business. In order to do this they need to play to their strengths and avoid being distracted by other data activities and a positive side effect of this is they’ll get more job satisfaction.

Simon recommends ways of leveraging the capabilities of the organisation as a whole and advocate the use of crowd development.

  1. How should Data Science teams minimise the time to availability of data?

Access to data is key, and the gap from ideation and hypothesis to availability needs to be minimised. The reality is that most companies still take weeks and months to produce the right data from disparate sources and are constantly firefighting complex dependencies with outdated methodologies.

Simon recommends key ways such as automation that are critical to underpin the data science lifecycle.

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Speaker Biography 

Simon Asplen-Taylor, founder of Data Tick consultancy and former CDO at Rank Group, Tesco, Cushman & Wakefield, was named in DataIQ’s 100 Most Influential People in Data 2020 and shortlisted for the Data Leader of the Year 2019. His unique depth and breadth of data experience spans in excess of 30 years.