Data is an essential key to successful business transformation, but it can only add business value if your existing stack can support it. When it comes to data, we’re all aware of the four 'Vs' — variety, velocity, veracity, and volume – yet for many organizations, their data infrastructure is no longer equipped to handle them. 

WhereScape will demonstrate how data automation is the foundation for success across an array of organizations. You will see how CDOs, CIOs and CTOs are benefitting from automation as they can spend less time crafting bespoke data infrastructure and instead focus on quickly producing flexible support infrastructures. 

Who should attend?

Data Professionals including Business Intelligence Managers, Data Architects, CDOs, CIOs and CTOs.

What will you hear?

Customer examples of how automation is delivering incredible results across an array of digital transformation projects across the globe.

What will you see?

A demonstration of how to orchestrate and optimize traditional data flows in a way that enables you to work at the pace you need it to.

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