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When it comes to data, the five “Vs” matter: variety, velocity, veracity, volume and value – yet for many
organizations, their data warehousing infrastructure is no longer equipped to handle them. Effectively meeting these challenges requires a new approach and, of course, data!

Our heroes show you how to get to grips with your ever-growing and constantly changing data ecosystem in this fun, colourful guidebook.

Follow our hero Ducky as he goes down into the origin of data to rescue the data kittens from time-consuming manual processes and takes them up to meet Annalysta, the all-powerful database in the Cloud.

In WhereScape world, you can quickly build complex data ecosystems that are unimaginable with hand-coding technologies. Make the characters in your data team more productive with code generators, and let the all-powerful database do the work with automated ELT. WhereScape is metadata-driven and produces sustainable data architectures. Because you might want to move to the cloud soon and you never know what the next chapter of the story holds for you and your friends.

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