Webcast: Capitalizing on 2024 Data Analytic Predictions by Focusing on Cross-functional Value of Automation

Webinar WhereScape and Infovia

Unlock the Future of Data Analytics: A Must-Watch Webcast on Navigating 2024’s Data Trends with Automation

Step into the future of data analytics with an exclusive webcast brought to you by the pioneers at WhereScape and Infovia. This is not just another session on data trends; it’s your gateway to mastering the cross-functional value of automation in data management and analytics. As the digital landscape evolves, understanding and leveraging the power of data-driven decisions becomes crucial. This webcast goes beyond merely discussing Gartner’s extensive ‘Over 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2028.’ It’s an immersive journey into how automation is revolutionizing data analytics, offering insights that will keep you not just in pace but leading the charge into the future.

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This:

  • Discover the Revolution: Unravel the intricacies of data automation, witnessing its unparalleled impact on data warehousing, management, and beyond.
  • Insights from the Frontlines: Gain exclusive insights from the visionaries at WhereScape and Infovia as they delve into Gartner’s predictions, offering a wealth of experience and foresight.
  • Transformation Through Automation: Understand how automation is not merely streamlining operations but fundamentally transforming decision-making processes and data governance strategies.
  • Operational Excellence Unleashed: Learn actionable strategies to harness automation for enhancing operational efficiency and driving innovation.
  • A Glimpse into the Future: Equip yourself with a forward-looking perspective on how efficiency and innovation are set to merge, shaping the future of data analytics.

Embrace the Future Today: This webcast is more than just an event; it’s your blueprint for future-proofing your career in data management and analytics. By reserving your spot, you’re not just signing up for a webinar; you’re stepping into a realm of knowledge that will redefine how you perceive, manage, and leverage data in the era of automation.

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“It took the architects a day and a half to solve all four use cases. They built two Data Vaults on the host application data, linked the two applications together and documented the whole process. This was impressive by any standard. After that it was an easy process to get all the documents signed.”

Daniel Seymore, Head of BI, Investec South Africa

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"At seven months into the project we can say it really worked out. We have been able to really quickly develop an initial MVP for our first country and that was really good. The automation and the changes we needed to do were rapidly applied. We had to remodel a few things and that was done within a day with the automation in WhereScape."

Carsten Griefnow, Senior BI Manager

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"It’s like having five people with only really two people working on it."

Will Mealing, Head of Data & Analytics at L&G

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