Imhoff Webcast

The Covid pandemic has impacted all of us, personally and in our enterprises. For those of us in the analytics world, it has forced us to reconsider how and where we create and maintain our analytical data and assets.

Many organizations are migrating their aging data warehouses and other analytical components to the cloud for its many benefits. But this migration is much more than just a fork-lift of the existing warehouse into the cloud. It is a chance to redesign and remake the analytical environment into one that is more streamlined, easier to maintain, and simpler to use. 

This 60-minute webcast discusses subjects such as:

  • How and why the pandemic has forced the realization that a move to the cloud is necessary
  • How migration is much more than a simple forklift of an on-premises data warehouse to a cloud platform
  • Why rewriting integration code is faster than retrofitting existing code for the cloud
  • How an automated environment is more future proof with fully automated and current metadata
  • How Data Warehouse Automation supports a successful migration


A thought leader, visionary, and practitioner, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on analytics, business intelligence, and the architectures to support these initiatives. Dr. Imhoff has co-authored five books on these subjects and writes articles (totaling more than 150) for technical and business magazines.

She is also the Founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust, a consortium of internationally recognized independent analysts and experts. You can follow them on Twitter at #BBBT or become a subscriber at​

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