Dan Linstedt

Watch this webinar replay featuring WhereScape Strategic Partner and Data Vault Inventor Dan Linstedt to hear the latest regarding Data Vault 2.0 and how WhereScape’s automation software enables rapid and agile Data Vault 2.0 development. Whether you are currently working with Data Vault 2.0, or have been simply wanting to learn more about this modeling methodology, this webinar is not to be missed. Tune in to hear Linstedt discuss:

  • Why a key to Data Vault success is a keen understanding of the business
  • How Data Vault helps manage and enforce compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and BASIL II
  • How Data Vault enables users to spot business problems that were never visible previously 
  • How Data Vault rapidly reduces business cycle time for implementing changes 
  • How data warehouse automation uses code generation to speed up Data Vault development
Mark Budzinski

Joining Linstedt on the webinar was CEO of WhereScape Mark Budzinski, who detailed several WhereScape Data Vault case studies and provided an overview of WhereScape’s automation solutions. Interested in learning more? Watch the webinar replay featuring Dan Linstedt now.