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White Paper: The dimensions of fast

Author: WhereScape

The Dimensions of Fast

WhereScape RED enables developers to build, prototype and enhance data warehouses 10 to 100 faster than with traditional products. Since WhereScape RED enables this kind of massive productivity boost, why are some projects 100 times faster, some only 10 times faster, and some projects take the same amount of time?

Having a product that enables rapid development is critical to the increased productivity, but clearly there are other factors that influence the amount of time a project takes.

The critical factors that impact speed of delivery are:

  • Rapid development product
  • Approach
  • Data availability
  • Key user availability
  • Governance framework
  • Team size
  • Team experience
  • Technology

Factors impacting speed delivery

Rapid Development Product

A rapid development product is critical to achieving orders of magnitude increases in productivity. WhereScape RED has been designed from the ground up to speed delivery. It has been designed and tested by data warehouse practitioners, and is built on real world experience not academic notions. Projects have been analyzed and dissected to see where the timeis spent, and input has been sought on how to reduce elapsed time and as well as effort.

To read more please download the full White Paper below.