Talking with customers, there is no doubt that the lure of adopting a cloud-based data infrastructure strategy, and leaving a lean, mean IT organization to focus its resources on increasing the value it delivers to the business is compelling. And for those customers who select Snowflake, a data warehouse platform built specifically for the cloud, as their go-to infrastructure platform…Fantastic choice. Snowflake offers the gains in performance, elasticity, scalability, simplicity and concurrency that many organizations are seeking as they migrate their data infrastructure to the cloud.

But if the Cloud is the desired destination to benefit from these advantages, is it possible to also improve the journey that an organization will take to get there?

Designing, developing, deploying and operating data infrastructure with traditional methods and tools is a time-intensive, repetitive and costly endeavor – no matter the platform. So, how can we help customers speed up the ‘time to value’ of the pending Cloud investments that they will make?

The solution is automation.

Today, at the TDWI Leadership Summit in Anaheim, California, we are excited to introduce WhereScape® automation for Snowflake, a new offering to help IT teams fast-track the design, development, deployment and operation of cloud-based data infrastructure within Snowflake. With built-in automation based on native Snowflake capabilities, wizards and best practices, as well as common data warehouse modeling methodologies like 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0, Snowflake customers will be able to fast-track their use of Snowflake and start realizing the benefits of cloud data warehousing much more quickly.

At the same time, these customers will be able to do more with their IT development resources, re-focusing on higher value areas or tackling new projects given they will be able to eliminate up to 95% of the hand-coding typically involved when automation is not adopted. With customers reporting reduced data infrastructure development cycles of up to 80% and developer productivity increases of 5x when using WhereScape automation solutions, it’s exciting to see these kinds of benefits will migrate alongside customers to the cloud.

I want to thank Snowflake Computing for their support as we bring WhereScape automation for Snowflake to market.  We’re excited about our continuing work together to help our mutual customers harness all the advantages that cloud-based data infrastructure has to offer their organizations.

Our collaboration is a good one not only as it will empower IT teams to better meet today’s business climate challenges – including shorter project delivery timelines and doing more with less – but it will also ensure teams will be more agile in their response to the future decision-support needs of the companies they serve. In short, it's a win-win for all parties involved in the journey of delivering successful and sustainable cloud-based data infrastructure projects. And that is good for business!

You can learn more here about WhereScape® automation for Snowflake. WhereScape and Snowflake will also be featured today on The Bloor Group #InsideAnalysis streaming radio show at 3 pm ET and in a follow-up Deep Dive webcast at 4 pm ET. If you would like to join us, please visit here for more details.