WhereScape is proud to be partnering with Data Vault founder and inventor Dan Linstedt to accelerate the development of Data Vault 2.0 data models using our automation software. WhereScape customers such as Empire State College of New York, Group Health and Vodafone Netherlands successfully use WhereScape for Data Vault 2.0 development and deployment.

If you are an organization that has implemented Data Vault 2.0, or are currently considering its adoption, we have a can’t miss opportunity for you. Over the next couple of months, Linstedt will be teaching a three-day Data Vault 2.0 certification class in London, UK March 13-15 and Burlington, Vermont April 19-21 (US attendees use code WHERESCAPE for a 15 percent discount). The class takes you through the why/what/how of Data Vault 2.0. It includes the coverage of the business justifications, then follows with the technical descriptions of the architecture, implementation, methodology, and modeling. The course finishes with descriptions on ETL design time paradigms, including templates, best practices and working SQL.

We encourage you to consider this rare opportunity to hear from the Data Vault inventor first-hand about the business and technical benefits of Data Vault 2.0—and become Data Vault 2.0 certified!  We invite you to check out the links above for more information on each training class. For those interested in learning more about WhereScape’s approach to automating Data Vault 2.0 development, check out this webinar featuring Linstedt.

And if you would like more information about WhereScape’s solutions, feel free to drop me a line, [email protected].