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Xerox Financial Services

Part of the global Xerox Corporation, Xerox Financial Services (XFS) is a $2bn business spanning 16 countries. XFS enables businesses to package their whole Xerox solution including machine leasing, service and third party software into one periodic payment. Leasing means businesses can work on an OPEX rather than a CAPEX model, and ensures finance is not spent on depreciating assets.

The Challenge

Xerox Financial Services (XFS) grew rapidly from the turn of the century onwards. A side-effect was that business structures grew in parallel, creating disparate data and variations in business processes with only about 80% commonality across regions. Reports were inaccurate and released once every 30 days, so the decision to build a data warehouse was made. An SQL database and BI solution were tried but abandoned as inefficient.

The Solution

A Xerox decision support manager saw a demo of WhereScape RED at a data warehouse design workshop. Before then he was not aware that building a data warehouse could be automated. He realized automation was the way forward and began work with WhereScape.

The Benefits

Although WhereScape had initially been deployed as a short-term solution, XFS found it so effective they carried on developing the data warehouse. XFS can now understand and report on all its data. Discrepancies in the data warehouse can be examined back in the source data and snapshots shown to suppliers if required.

WhereScape has helped us move from disparate, disconnected data management to a fully integrated and accurate system based on a WhereScape RED data warehouse automation solution. It’s completely agile, so the data warehouse can keep evolving to meet the changes in the business.

Ramesh Panakkal Former Xerox Decision Support Manager