Rabobank is one of the three largest banks in the Netherlands, headquartered in Utrecht with 101 branches and 6.5 million private customers holding over €120 billion in savings.


Rabobank’s loans and asset management division wanted to build a data warehouse that met the requirements it had from its regulatory reporting chain. It needed a high quality data warehouse with a control framework, data quality management, archiving and other features.


The Rabobank team was attracted to WhereScape’s out of the box documentation capabilities and the templated framework that gives automated data warehouses a tried-and-tested structure. The IT team told WhereScape their issues, and WhereScape used automation to give Rabobank a much-improved infrastructure.


While a release used to take two weeks to get into production, with WhereScape it now takes just two hours. Data automation has changed the dynamic within the data team, as they learn to work in a new way that will save them time and effort on repetitive tasks.


"With the new architecture and the new tooling, a release that took us two weeks now takes us two hours to put into production."

– Marleen Gebraad, Delivery Manager Datalogistics, Rabobank