WhereScape Test Drive

Test Drive Data Automation software from home

Build a fully automated and documented data warehouse on WhereScape with the guidance of our senior solutions architects.

What is a Test Drive?

The WhereScape Test Drive gives you a chance to try WhereScape Data Automation out for yourself. You will be set up with your own instance of WhereScape and a target database (usually Snowflake) via a virtual machine, and be guided through real-world scenarios as if you were part of an agile data team. You will use WhereScape to build a fully functional data warehouse.

The event takes place in a Zoom meeting with between 5 and 20 other participants. You will be guided through the session by a WhereScape Senior Solutions Architect and a PDF guide that we recommend you view on a separate screen. This is a fast-paced, interactive workshop event that will teach you new skills in a short space of time and show you how automation can change your working life.

The event features an introduction to WhereScape, followed by two hour-long technical sessions.

Who Should Attend?

This event is suitable for data warehouse developers, BI managers and data architects.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to automate the design, build and management of your data warehouse, vault or lake, allowing you to work faster with less resource.
  • How WhereScape Data Automation simplifies and accelerates development with built-in wizards and templates.
  • How Data Automation allows you to build, change and operate your data infrastructure by dragging and dropping from source to target. 

Our Test Drives are available on-demand.

To set one up for you and your team, please choose a date and topic below and we will be in touch!

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