Datavault helps clients create modern Data Platforms fit for future business needs. Modern data platforms cover the range of data lakes, data warehouses and data hubs, with applications covering decision support, data science, internet of things, automation, machine learning and monetisation.

WhereScape, together with our Agile Data Platform Delivery, Migration and Data Governance methods provide a powerful combination that delivers faster projects, focused on business outcomes at lower cost and risk.

If you want to learn more, we have free-to-download, informative ebooks and whitepapers from our website and learning resources about the Data Vault method.​


Their financial services client needed to modernise a legacy data platform, moving it into the cloud with a Data Vault architecture. Like many clients, skilled resources are scarce, and they needed to make existing resources as productive as possible.

After an evaluation and pilot project, the client found that WhereScape, together with Data Vault, significantly increased productivity by about 300%. They were then engaged on a long-term basis to collaborate with the client to embed WhereScape and Data Vault into their way of working.